Monday, February 12, 2018

Lunch Hour - Walking in Lower Manhattan

Same company but new job at a new location: lower Manhattan! I started in January and finally got out for a nice walk at lunchtime. There’s so much old building charm and history down here and actually much calmer than midtown. Needless to say… I am enjoying it!

Cobblestone streets, taverns from the 1800s, mammoth stone buildings that have so much grandeur compared to the ubiquitous modern glass-skinned skyscrapers — it’s Disney world for a history buff like me!

To top it off? A national park resource just a couple of blocks away! The Federal Hall is magnificent. Its a museum now full of many treasures from the birth of our country. To quote ARNOLD: “I’ll be back”!
Ooo yeah - maps!

Further Info
Federal Hall -National Memorial, New York

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Iced off!!

Iced off the trails... ARRRGGG!!!

Luther Forest

What a bummer - I showed up at Luther and rode both south loops as well as a bit of the north side but it was terribly icy almost everywhere and very difficult to ride (unless I suppose you had studs…), After two hours, I called it quits.

Schenectady Central Park

After a break for lunch and a visit with an old friend, I decided to check out the trail at Schenectady Central Park but once I got there—despite the fact that the forest ground was completely snow free—every trail and fireroad was a non-stop sheet of ice so I headed up to Hawkwood (Anchor Diamond trails in Burnt Hills) to hike instead.


But that was iced over as well and really needed crampons to keep from slipping  -- Crazy!!!!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Exploring Pine Mountain

The early morning crappy weather (overcast, sporadic rain) turned nice (sunny!) after a couple of hours.  We came in via Bennetts Pond / Rt 7, and after exploring the stream crossing, we headed along the south side of the pond then over the White Trail and up the first hike-a-bike Red Trail. Most of the rest of the time was spent exploring the hillsides "off the beaten track".

The highlight of our "tour" was finding quite a few more natural overlooks on Pine Mountain - the terrain there was amazing!

Stream Crossing

 Bennetts Pond :-)

Heading Up the Red

At the Kiosk

Click to enlarge


Wicked Rock Gardens

Many Overlooks (ooo yeah!)

 Hidden Stream

As we traveled eastward over an incredibly picturesque ridge, we had to dip into this ravine and cross this raging stream. I can image this spot must be heaven in the summer greenery...


The Pine Mountain area is amazing - it's no wonder Charles Ives spent a lot of time there! LINK

Monday, December 25, 2017

Klondike Curiosity...

With so much discussion and interest in this relic from the past in Schenectady, I decided to visit the actual remnants. It was a short trek from the Mobil station on Broadway but probably impossible in any other season due to the thick underbrush.

Check out the view from Google Street View

Here's what it looked like  back in it's hey day!
(historical photos courtesy of Facebook Group “My Upstate NY Photos”)