Saturday, November 10, 2018

Wet Hike In the Valley (Prepping)

My friend Kevin and I took a hike thru Pequonnock Valley today to review (1) where the main trails may need new blazing; and (2) review the situation re the shifted boardwalk that FCNEMBA will repair next week.

We scrounged around the swampy area near the trail turnpike to locate rebar left from the turnpike building session a few years back but all we saw was this large wrap of black plastic!
 The entire Serengeti is over saturated with water - I have never seen it like this!!
This is the crossing on the White Trail right before you get to the boardwalk - normally 1 1/2ft wide at the most...
 Part of the boardwalk is now submerged!
 And the river was raging! Turtle Rock had water rushing by on both sides!

Super Short Video - At Blackpool
 ...ah, but the moss was amazing (super think and soft)

We met the locals working on the new White Trail Bridge - it will be awesome!!!

We trekked back on the Red Trail and for a short time it snowed!


We determined most of the White Trail will need to be re-blazed and hope to get to it in a few weeks. The Red Trail blazing needs touch ups as well - especially in the north end but we will tackle the White Trail first.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Took a walk on the Wild (West) side

My day gig moved to midtown Manhattan -- on the west side: "Hudson Yards" area. Yikes - talk about major development (no doubt much of it due to the High Line...) These skyscrapers are huge!!

But its a nice walk from Grand Central way over to my office building about 25 minutes and the fringe benefit? 
  • Two music stores on the way: Sam Asch and B&H Photos -- Ooo yeah -- I 'll be often playing synths on my lunch breaks!!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Pequonnock Valley Hike - 10-20-18

A small but super fun group for our Annual Fall Hike at Pequonnock Valley Hike (weather forecast was lousy -- Man they were WRONG!!!).

 Finishing off at the "Green Moss Ravine" was spectacular! The sun came out and I swear the moss everywhere was vibrating in green!!

 Afterwards, Kevin and I took a stroll back in the park at the North End. Copper Creek never disappoints!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Native American Museum

Alas, my time in southern Manhattan is coming to a close.  My day gig will be moving to Midtown in a week :-(

Sure its a new adventure and well--Manhattan being Manhattan--is always amazing but the deep history here at the tip of the island won’t be replicated. Cobblestone streets, centuries old pubs and forts and of course the glorious New York harbor (the State of Liberty, Ellis Island, etc…) won’t be uptown!

One of the most interesting places here is the Native American Museum. I went back yesterday and was rewarded with a new exhibit on the Taino. Of course the shop was incredible as well— so many books… so many CDs... so many precious items! I finally did select an Atlas, a Dreamcatcher and a mini saying book and upon leaving was mesmerized with the cat…

Native American Museum - Store/ Gift Shop

Great Books Galore!
Hip Music in Abundance!
and yes... "The Cat!"

Taino Exhibit

Arawak Words

Bowling Green

When leaving the museum - you can catch a bit of the vibe of old New York...

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Flood Damage in Trumbull (Pequonnock Valley) OMG!

I went to Pequonnock Valley today to mountain bike and discovered the park was devastated by the recent flood.

I rode in from Whitney and found the North Bridge was gone!
Coyote Crossing :-(
So I decided to take the Rail Trail all the way to Trumbull instead. Once I got to the Shopping Center,  I thought I'd check out the rail trail connector south to Twin Brooks Park. I had never ridden this stretch before and found it very pleasant!
Poignant Graffiti under the bridge :-)
I then swung back, headed up Daniels Farm Road and rode the Blue Trail by the river.
I noticed a few new trees that span the river and thought this might be the only way to get across the river from now on!
 The Cooper Creek bridge was wrecked from the flood as well...
 .. .and tragically, the small bridge for the Yellow/Red trail was washed away as well. You could tell from the stream bank where all the leaves had been washed away that even this small stream must have risen a few feet and overflowed its banks.  The bridge simply rose and floated away YIKES--that was a helluva flood!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Annual Pilgrimage to Northern Vermont

Every August, I take an Annual Pilgrimage to northern Vermont.

-Saturday August 25th-


I always like to stop in Brattleboro for lunch. Right past the train statin, by the edge of the river is a wonderful brew pub converted from an old mill. A double IPA and grub while chowing down by the edge of the river was wonderful!
An Amtrak passenger train came cruising thru as well.
The view back up the hill to town reveals a waterfall.

Trapp Trails

That evening I rode the Trapp Family trails below the Resort.  They are easy but always a blast.

-Sunday August 26th-

Perry Hill / Rasta Mtn

My personal nirvana is Rasta Mountain in Waterbury. Joe's and Campfire are my all time favorite trail(s).
The initial climb up is always the biggest challenge. It has been redesigned and there's now a series of sculpted berms/switchbacks that make the climb almost manageable.
Once past the new section, these mini berms make this section of the climb much more interesting and sustainable.
I veered off the main doubletrack and continued climbing up a much more fun single track.
I ended up somewhere on Joe's or Campfire at this slick rock section. As I looked down I noticed the trail was much more sculpted than I remembered - there was obviously a lot of TLC and work put in to "refining this descent" in the last couple of years...
The descent is one non-stop orgy of amazing flow and breath-taking scenery.  I had to force myself to stop and snap this photo!
3/4s of the way down you start to ride along the edges of ravines. The next two photos illustrate right and left of a typical gully/ravine.
Before the final descent, I wandered over to an area on a trail aptly named Disneyland. The fern undercover and the sun shining thru the thin canopy is magic...
Curiosity made me notice the railroad was doubletracked here.
Before leaving the park - I zoomed around the mini mogul area at the entrance,. It was hotter than hell but I was still charged up from the descent (despite the fact that someone's stupid dog walked in front of me on those nice berms near the bottom!!!!)

Tunnel Flute Playing

Finally, I put the bike back on the car rack and returned to the tunnel with my mini Native American flute and noodled around a bit . At 1:04, a couple of mountain bikers ride by and voiced their approval...

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