Monday, October 22, 2018

Took a walk on the Wild (West) side

My day gig moved to midtown Manhattan -- on the west side: "Hudson Yards" area. Yikes - talk about major development (no doubt much of it due to the High Line...) These skyscrapers are huge!!

But its a nice walk from Grand Central way over to my office building about 25 minutes and the fringe benefit? 
  • Two music stores on the way: Sam Asch and B&H Photos -- Ooo yeah -- I 'll be often playing synths on my lunch breaks!!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Pequonnock Valley Hike - 10-20-18

A small but super fun group for our Annual Fall Hike at Pequonnock Valley Hike (weather forecast was lousy -- Man they were WRONG!!!).

 Finishing off at the "Green Moss Ravine" was spectacular! The sun came out and I swear the moss everywhere was vibrating in green!!

 Afterwards, Kevin and I took a stroll back in the park at the North End. Copper Creek never disappoints!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Native American Museum

Alas, my time in southern Manhattan is coming to a close.  My day gig will be moving to Midtown in a week :-(

Sure its a new adventure and well--Manhattan being Manhattan--is always amazing but the deep history here at the tip of the island won’t be replicated. Cobblestone streets, centuries old pubs and forts and of course the glorious New York harbor (the State of Liberty, Ellis Island, etc…) won’t be uptown!

One of the most interesting places here is the Native American Museum. I went back yesterday and was rewarded with a new exhibit on the Taino. Of course the shop was incredible as well— so many books… so many CDs... so many precious items! I finally did select an Atlas, a Dreamcatcher and a mini saying book and upon leaving was mesmerized with the cat…

Native American Museum - Store/ Gift Shop

Great Books Galore!
Hip Music in Abundance!
and yes... "The Cat!"

Taino Exhibit

Arawak Words

Bowling Green

When leaving the museum - you can catch a bit of the vibe of old New York...