Saturday, October 21, 2017

Old Mine Park (Annual Hike)

Annual Historic Hike - October 21st, 2017

Amazing weather for near the end of October -- Short sleeved T-Shirts!

Before the hike began, I stepped aside to take this photo of the Pequonnock River (near the Old Mine Bridge)
The River
 The Hiking group
At the Overlook

We are at the Upper Pit
 At the Mill Area (right above  the Pavilion)

After our hike a took a couple of friends on a quick tour of the valley - which of course included the crevasse :-) 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

New Trails at Luther

Took a quickie ride at Luther this morning and discovered a lot of new trails! The weather was ridiculously beautiful; sunny and in the upper 70s - I rode only wearing a short sleeve jersey!

Off of the easy south loop there is a whole new fairly long easy loop. No hills but lots of fun if you bomb it. (see #1 on the map below - need to GPS it!)

In addition  I rode #2 on the map below - it was great--and from the looks of other pin flags I noticed around the park--there are more new trail additions as well.

#3 is still a problem as a new house has closed off a section of the main rail there and the run around is a only a short makeshift unbenched nasty drop and climb in and out of the ravine. Knowing the good work the trail gnomes have done in this park elsewhere, I imagine eventually something nice will be built here as well.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Indian Kill Revisited

After my seemingly near brush with death back in 2015,  I returned with my good friend Chad and had a much more sane trek!
Chad at the dam
We did the loop at the bottom
This is at the first climb
Ah memories, this is where I had to crawl like a worm when it was covered in ice...
It a beautiful little park
Macho tree split
An old relic from yesteryear

End of the line 

We reached the houses just north of Mayfair and the trail ended. This trailer perched up on the cliff was in someone's back yard.

On the way back we scooted over these logs.

But the real challenge was this one!

Chad and I had a good time. It always fun to check out nature and enjoy the woods (especially when the trails aren't covered with ice!)