Sunday, September 2, 2007

Trumbull - Nasty Bump!

Pequonnock River Valley State Park

September 2, 2007

Rich - Nasty Bump

I hit a diagonal root going too fast on the little loop
--before the stream--at the "pre-start" at the south end..
What a way to start our day's adventure! 
(Fortunately it didn't hurt that much) 

More Nasty Bump !
(medical photography courtesy of Greg Coffey :-))

Greg - pre-roller
(near river - blue trail, south end - he didn't go for it...)

Nasty Bump -six days later
(caution - not for the squeamish...)
I'll give it two more days and if it doesn't start to get better - guess I'll need to see a doctor...
(Medical photography courtesy of Greg Coffey)