Saturday, January 12, 2019

Frozen Face

Knowing the ground was finally frozen enough to bike, I was itching to get out again. It was so nasty cold, for the first 15 minutes of my ride, I thought my face was gonna freeze off!

Even with a balaclava it was piercingly cold. I finally switched from grip to warm on my winter gloves because my hands were getting numb. Fortunately after a bit, it warmed up a bit enough to switch back to the grip setting :-)

I parked on Riverside and rode in thru the playground on the White Trail - I wasn't feeling very ambitious today but I did want to get a photo of the "straight shot" on the re-blazed White Trail  thru the Tall Pines Area.
I checked out the Blue Trail boardwalk in the swamp - confirming it's moved about 3ft since we re centered it! Cwazy!!
 I paused at Turtle Rock and took a short video of the rushing water.
 Not much into selfies but since it was so friggin' cold - I took one...