Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Houston - Urban Hike and Bike

A business trip took me to Houston Texas for four days (May 15th thru 18th).  I got a chance to hike and bike around town. It was hot (in the 90s!) the whole week.

1- Parks

On Tuesday evening, I checked out the downtown parks and a bit of the Buffalo Bayou.
Sam Houston Park
Buffalo Bayou

Metro Tracks on Main Street (streetcar)
Market Square
Discovery Park

2 - Union Station

On Wednesday, I decided to check out the old Union Station. I have posted that quick visit on my railroad blog.  LINK >

3 -  Buffalo Bayou Biking

Thursday evening was still freaking hot (94 degrees at 6:20 pm!). I walked up to the Bike Barn (just north of the Bayou) but found they were closed- BUMMER! Fortunately right nearby was a spot to rent a "City bike" - kind of clunker but still fun to ride. All the trails were paved and super easy.

I rode all the way to the Lost Pond end and then circled back all the way to the College where I rode into downtown on the Main Street Bridge.

I have some one-handed video footage of the bike ride -- I will add it here at a later date...

Going Home

Friday night - late! Flying into LaGuardia Airport - there's Manhattan!
Can you see the Williamsburg Bridge?