Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wintery Luther Forest and Shenantaha Creek Park

Thanksgiving Weekend at my Parents

Luther Forest
Although there was 6 inches or so of snow on the ground, I had the jones to mountain bike at Luther and was hoping that the local fat bikers had been in and rode the trails. I had my snowshoes in the back of the car as well in case the trails weren’t bike-able.  I was pleased to see the trails were rideable. - the fat bikers had been busy!

The only riding mistake I made was to try to ride up a short hill, standing up for extra pedal power. Without any weight on the back tire, I spun out big time. No traction-Oops!

All I ended up riding was the easy loop on the south side and a bit of the north side as my hands got kinda cold. Despite the overcast gray conditions, there was no wind so it was fun.

Shenantaha Creek Park
After my short jaunt at Luther I decided to head over to Shenantaha as I was curious about the hiking trails. I knew the scenery was pretty nice because I both hiked and rode the hidden trolley trail across the stream back in April and May.

Well, although the park was closed, the trails were open so I ...

 ...hiked back past the picnic area and playground and found where the trail started.  The signs detailed the history of the area...

and once in the woods,  the trail was nicely labeled with these markers.

Despite the recent snowfall, the trail tread was well traversed and easy to follow. The Creek had carved a deep gully and the path kept close to the Creek, at times perched 40 to 50 feet above the waterline.

Although strangely there was no signage at the actual location, I did find the old Flax mill

After hiking another 10 minutes or more, the trail descends down a rock strewn gully and reaches the water level.

All in all, it is a lovely place and I look forward to returning during the summer or fall and seeing the trees and plants in full bloom.