Saturday, September 29, 2018

Flood Damage in Trumbull (Pequonnock Valley) OMG!

I went to Pequonnock Valley today to mountain bike and discovered the park was devastated by the recent flood.

I rode in from Whitney and found the North Bridge was gone!
Coyote Crossing :-(
So I decided to take the Rail Trail all the way to Trumbull instead. Once I got to the Shopping Center,  I thought I'd check out the rail trail connector south to Twin Brooks Park. I had never ridden this stretch before and found it very pleasant!
Poignant Graffiti under the bridge :-)
I then swung back, headed up Daniels Farm Road and rode the Blue Trail by the river.
I noticed a few new trees that span the river and thought this might be the only way to get across the river from now on!
 The Cooper Creek bridge was wrecked from the flood as well...
 .. .and tragically, the small bridge for the Yellow/Red trail was washed away as well. You could tell from the stream bank where all the leaves had been washed away that even this small stream must have risen a few feet and overflowed its banks.  The bridge simply rose and floated away YIKES--that was a helluva flood!!!