Monday, November 19, 2018

Short West Side Trek

Now that I am working on the West Side - Hudson Yards area to be exact - a stroll around the neighborhood is usually dominated by massive skyscrapers...

...discovering Alice's Garden was a treat...
 ...and the occasional painting on the barriers add a colorful flavor to the rapidly transforming area.


Lastly, up in midtown (on my way to Grand Central) I stopped by the The NYC Main Library, a.k.a. Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, and snapped a photo of the great sign detailing this blocks previous history as a reservoir!

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Moving the Boardwalk at pValley

A small but hardy FCNEMBA trail crew moved the  boardwalk back to its original position. Rock bars, new stone footings and a concerted effort to clear out the main channel for better flow was the cure.

We'll be back when its drier (next year?) to beef up the whole area - its a mess!
11-17 Trail Maintenance Session
We also moved the other boardwalk nearby
The river was gorgeous but super high!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Wet Hike In the Valley (Prepping)

My friend Kevin and I took a hike thru Pequonnock Valley today to review (1) where the main trails may need new blazing; and (2) review the situation re the shifted boardwalk that FCNEMBA will repair next week.

We scrounged around the swampy area near the trail turnpike to locate rebar left from the turnpike building session a few years back but all we saw was this large wrap of black plastic!
 The entire Serengeti is over saturated with water - I have never seen it like this!!
This is the crossing on the White Trail right before you get to the boardwalk - normally 1 1/2ft wide at the most...
 Part of the boardwalk is now submerged!
 And the river was raging! Turtle Rock had water rushing by on both sides!

Super Short Video - At Blackpool
 ...ah, but the moss was amazing (super think and soft)

We met the locals working on the new White Trail Bridge - it will be awesome!!!

We trekked back on the Red Trail and for a short time it snowed!


We determined most of the White Trail will need to be re-blazed and hope to get to it in a few weeks. The Red Trail blazing needs touch ups as well - especially in the north end but we will tackle the White Trail first.