Saturday, October 26, 2019

Fall Colors on the Housatonic Rail Trail

It was a beautiful day to ride the rail trail and partake of the Autumn colors. Before mountain biking on the other side the river, I rode south from Whitney.
 The Ice House
 I kept riding all the way to Tait Road
 Later on in the valley, I snapped a photo by the river.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Autumn 2019 - Annual Historic Hike - Pequonnock Valley, CT

Every fall, the Trumbull Historical Society in partnership with the Trumbull Nature Center leads a guided hike through the Pequonnock Valley State Park. We had a good turnout this year! :-)
 We hiked along the river on the Blue Trail. The weather was great!
 Turtle Rock was basking in the sunlight - It was a beautiful day for sure!
The intrepid few "went the distance" to the Crevice...
 The kids even had the energy to climb a tree. Bless their presence - it was wonderful!
 Old and young alike took the log walk challenge!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Anchor Diamond Park

This is a lovely park. Before its was officially "No Bikes", I rode the park as it was being developed. Now, three years later, there are kiosks and a nicely blazed trail system. Highly recommended!

Saturday - Quick Loop

Crossing onto the Blue
Stone walls were quite extensive
Old Farm Machinery

Kiosk at the Mansion Ruins

Sunday - The Long Walk

The Orange Trail is lovely
Looking Back at the Carriage Road intersection
Abandoned Boot ! :-)
A beautiful day - for sure!
Scan the QR code and get a video about the tree 
From the video: This tree is over 200 years old!
Picturesque stone walls...

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