Sunday, January 24, 2016

Woodway Park - Snowshoeing

To quote Mr.  Rogers "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." Sunday afternoon snowshoe hike in the local park on "virgin snow!" :-)
Not a day to bike it! :-)
Squirrel tracks show how they go from tree to tree
A look back at my tracks...

Monday, January 18, 2016

First Snow - Hiking Wilton Woods

Being in between mountain bikes (old one,dead - new one, on order), I popped over for a hike at Wilton Woods after the first real snowfall we had this winter. Sure it was just a dusting but at least it stayed on the ground and didn't melt right away!

The famous red trail was virgin at the top where it starts...
At the top
Skinny at the Deception Drop
What a great trail! 
Panorama at the Skills Area (3 Skinnies and a Drop!)
(looking back while traipsing out on the Orange Trail)
The sun came and went a few times but when it was out - it was gorgeous (even tho' it was cold).

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Norwalk River Valley Trail

Being that that my mountain bike is in the shop - it was time to check out the Norwalk River Valley Trail on the road bike. I had a tasty omelete at Orems’s for breakfast but holy smokes!! --  that diner was crowded (lucky I got a place to park). After the eggs and coffee I headed out across Rt 7 and was glad I was wearing gloves and a cap - it was brisk out.

The trail is actually easy to ride but very nice and a lot of fun. Undulating curves and lots of hills (super gradual) made it a pleasure to ride.

I rode the Wilton section up past Sharp Hill Road to where the trail stops...
RT 7 crossing at Orem's Dinier
Nice stone bench!
End of the line (for now)
Unfortunately, on the way back, I got carried away with speed (there weren’t any other folks on the trail for a long stretch) and at an unexpected sharp curve, smashed into a tree — head first!! Ouch.  Thank God for helmets or I would have been a basket case.

I got back to the car and drove up to Merwin Park before I realized I lost my phone. Well after a bit of a panic, I drove and ride back to the crash site and I found it! Badness, madness, sadness and gladness all in a short stretch of time - Yikes.

I decided to head up to Ridgefield and calm myself by a hike on the Rail Trail.