Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Snake (Trumbull Late Afternoon)

Didn't get out to the park until after 2 pm but I still had a nice ride. The weather was a typical cool sunny autumn day and the park was pretty empty (most folks go in the morning when the light is better).

I went in from Daniels Farm (south end) for a change and rode the Blue/White.  Just north of the Serengeti--by the climb up to the "old overlook"--I saw a snake.
I  rode on and at the North Bridge I stopped to take a photo - she looked beautiful in the late afternoon sun.:-)

I continued my ride along the river and went up to the Playground passing the old rusty car chassis. From the Playground, I took the Red and once past Copper Creek, the back trails of the Central Maze swinging over to the Yellow once I came to the circle at LFR. I saw a couple of large white-tailed deer on the next stretch -the Yellow to the Red at the FireRoad.

Riding down the Red to the bottom of the chute was a blast--I forget how much of a descent it really was. Here I veered off towards the Yellow by taking the trail that parallels the FireRoad. I then stayed on the Yellow the whole way back, shamelessly walking most of Mulholland Drive (I am getting old!)

It was a nice ride and so good to take a route I seldom go!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

Future Lunch Time Urban Treks

While the weather is nice - I am itching to do these urban treks on my lunch hour - they should be fun :-)

Manhattan Bridge (Southside Walkway)

Brooklyn Bridge - "The Walkway”

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Deer and Crows (sight and sounds)

Spent a little time in my neighborhood park fixing up the trails. The shot below is along the river - mighty purty wouldn't ya say?
The weather was real nice so I decided to create a couple of new short loops and spent some time digging and adding rock to a soft spot.   I had a couple of visitors -- Momma and child watched me for about 10 minutes!

I then headed over to Trumbull and enjoyed the cooler weather. I discovered ancient stunt ladders from days long ago - It was like finding a fossil!

Near the north end,  the crows were unbelievably raucous - never heard anything like this before. Led Zeppelin step aside - these crows might have you beat in decibels! :-)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Carolin's Grove Hike

On my way home from Upstate NY, I stopped at a small park in Pound Ridge NY and took a quick hike. The park is called Carolin’s Grove. Info >

Secret Satan Worship Den?
Nah - A place for students and birdwatchers to gather

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Quick Hits at Luther and Colonie

I was upstate for the weekend to visit my parents and popped out for a couple of quick hits on my mountain bike.

Luther Forest

Man it was chilly to start off - I almost wish I had full fingered gloves but after about 20 minutes or so it started to warm up. My morning ride took exactly one hour - I rode the whole park. Also had the good fortune of seeing a deer. She whizzed by in front of me on one of the ravine trails. :-)
At the start of the bowl
The trails along the ravine are easy but squeezing thru the trees keeps it always fun :-)

Colonie Shale Trail

I did a 40 minute quickie over at Colonie mid afternoon. The weather still was a bit chilly but the riding was fun. The three panoramas below are two-photo combos.
Pasta Loop starts on the right (Note trail sign on tree)
After the Pasta Loop, the Yellow Trail skirts along the edge of the encroaching new development 
This is at the old east entrance - you can still exit out this way from the Yellow Trail.
There are trail signs on the trees in green indicating this as the exit trail.
If you look closely in the photo you can see the old entrance.


A Stewarts Mountain Brew - I am at the7 Rt 9 Mohawk River Crossing.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Urban Trek - Manhattan Bridge

Today on my lunch hour I took a brisk Urban Trek and walked to the Manhattan Bridge.

This Urban Car Park caught my eye...
stacked cars
Getting to the walkway/bikeway was strangely vey difficult - I ended up hopping over a fence but it was great to see so many bicyclists out on a beautiful day.
roof garden
The fence blocked the photos a bit but it was nice to get to the point where I was actually over the water. I couldn't linger long -- it was my lunch hour -- but the weather was beautiful and I worked up a sweat walking so briskly. :-)
On return I snapped a photo of this section - it was actually majestic in an old-fashioned way. There were steps in each grotto to sight-see over the edge but sadly they were fenced off...