Monday, September 1, 2008

Mianus - Photo Run

Mianus River Park Photo Run - Sept 1st, 2008

- Chimney off Laurel Trail -
A short trail off the Laurel Trail brings you to this interesting old fireplace/chimney ruin.

- Twisty on Fisherman's Loop (1 of 2) -
Down by the river is a fun riding challenge -- 
squeezing thru these twisted trees and sharp twists and turns. 

- Twisty on Fisherman's Loop (2 of 2) -
Same spot -- opposite angle.

- Mianus River Park Dam - 
A quick jaunt off the Main Road takes you to the dam... 

- Mianus River Park Dam (2 of 2) -
The pond bed is dry all through the year except Winter.  (bike highlighted)

4-Way >
(interactive 360 degree sweep of a 4-way trail intersection)