Saturday, February 15, 2020

Farringtons - 2-15-2020

I took a hike around the periphery of the NY side of Farringtons on a cold Sat afternoon. Thankfully it warmed up after 3 pm or so..

I gotta thing for big rocks in the woods... :-)

Its a great spot - imagine this is the summer... Woo-eee!

Monday, January 27, 2020

A Return to Devils Den

Even though the weather was cloudy and a bit crappy, I returned to Farringtons on Sunday to finish the GPSing - There was one trail in particular I knew I had to finish.

I climbed up from the circular dam, GPSed the trail and...
...took a few more photos of the ravine.

Devils Den

Short Video

The Trailforks map is a little more complete now..

Monday, January 20, 2020

Following the Fat Bike treads... Farringtons

It was a cold a windy today (with wind chill: 3 degrees!) but I had to get out and enjoy the outdoors so with an extra layers of clothes I made my way back to Farringtons. I wanted to get a good GPS of the upper carriage road and check out the main section of Devils Den.

Carriage Road Climb

The long climb up on the old carriage road was actually quite picturesque in the snow and sun.
looking back
I finally made up and over the top and ended at the curved dam at Farringtons Pond.
Farringtons Pond

The Single Track to Devils Den

All of a sudden my phone started acting very weird. Then in a flash, my battery ran out... so I switched to an external charger. To reconnect things, I found a rock to sit on where the single track turns off. Note the carriage road climb where I was previously.
This next section of single track was great - twists and turns all around -- looks like it would be a blast to ride. Thanks to the fat bike riders whose tracks showed me the trail as there are absolutely no markings or blazes.

I took a short jaunt on the old carriage road connector
This trail was awesome!
Coulda been another old carriage road heading up the hill (?)
Glacial Erratic

Devils Den

The ravine is pretty dramatic - sheer rock cliffs and a jumble of boulders 40- 50 ft below. As mentioned, my cell phone was acting strange and although I took a video here somehow it didn't save - BUMMER! I'll be back when its green to take a short sweeping vista film!

A Bushwhacked Quick Descent

I decided to call it quits here and backtracked a bit and then bushwhacked quickly down the mountain side. I reconnected once again with the carriage road and headed out of the park.
Looked a little different today with the snow!

Haines Pond Side Trek

The side trek to the Haines Pond Ruins was on another old carriage road.
Approaching the Ruins

The Old Ruins

What can I say? I love finding this stuff. :-) It was beautiful in the sun...
If you look closely, it can be found on a Google aerial

I'll be back!!