Saturday, September 24, 2005

Trumbull - Deer Sighting and the New Ledge Trail

Pequonnock River Valley State Park - September 24, 2005

On "The Rock" 
(we saw deer here thru the woods)

Deer Sighting
Deer vs humans "stare down"
(at top of hill - we were sitting on "The Rock

on rock overlooking the fields 
(previous shoreline of lake bed) 

New Ledge Trail

20 foot drop on right! 

New Ledge Trail 2

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Trumbull - Hike with Kittie

Hiking in Pequonnock River Valley State Park

September 18, 2005 

Greg in Rocky Stream (Turtle Rock spot)

Kittie Hiking
(top of hill - near the Green monster area)

Monday, September 5, 2005

Trumbull- Turtle Rock and the Orange Stream Hill

Pequonnock River Valley State Park - September 5, 2005

Turtle Rock
Our favorite spot - many a weekend has been spent here...
(behind the log in the middle of the rocky stream is a swimming hole -
we built up the dam to create it)

Awesome Rocks
(at the top of a long trek - I didn't attempt the descent!)

(a wonderland for mountain bike adventures...)
Chain Loose by the Orange Stream
(Mr. Fix-it resetting his chain)

Mini Stream before Hill
the hill behind Greg is a rough climb, but at the top is the awesome red trail
(rock gardens galore on a winding single track)

Mini Stream before Hill (2)
Charge over the stream and stones and plow up the hill with all your might ...
(you won't make it!)

Greg on Hill
(typical easy single track)