Monday, May 30, 2016

Babbling Brook - Woodland Park

It had rained a lot the night before and on thru the morning so it was too wet to mountain bike. After a bit of Trail Maintenance at my neighborhood park, I took a short hike at Woodlawn Park in Darien. Everything was lush and green!
The classic photo: "Which Way?"
The perfect babbling brook photo!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Parlor Rock

After more than a week of perpetual rain every day, the Pequonnock River was raging through Parlor Rock...

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Old Mine Park Trail Day Prep

Trails Day (June 4th) In Trumbull this year will be at Old Mine Park instead of Pequonnock Valley. We took a hike around the park on a frustratingly gloomy day to assess what to highlight on our guided tour. Despite the overcast skies and wet surroundings, it was a fun and productive hike. The Park is overflowing with fascinating history AND full of nature's beauty.
At the summit of the hill near the river
Choice of Trails leaving Little Eden 
At the Mountain top - the rock hounds' findings
Bizarre Tree
What looks like a "bird's nest condo" are actually leaves caught by tiny sprouts growing out of the tree
(photo digitally modified  - it looks a bit bleached out because the original was too dark)
At the Upper Pit (a.k.a. Lane's Mine)
Note - curved rock layers
Can you see the remnants of the old mining railroad right of way?
You can see see part of the foundation of the massive mining operation at the bottom of the hill from the picnic area. The two black and white historical photos indicate much of the area was enclosed by the main building.
Foundation remnants are still visible 
Historical Photos - Tungsten Mine
Kevin and I ventured down river after John and Jennifer left.
Down river a bit, Kevin showed me this wonderful spot of wildflowers and
 an almost magical area of skunk cabbage
I then trekked on back along the rail trail (my car was parked at Whitney) and checked out the Parlor Rock rapids. Post >