Friday, December 23, 2016

Luther was rough today!

In the parking lot, I asked a hiker -- just emerging from the trails: "How are the trails today?" His reply "Icy under a thin layer of snow-- No dead biker bodies or bike bits strewn about so go have fun!!"

I charged on in and discovered even the South Loop was tough. A groove set by a fat bike was frozen solid ice and a good amount of random snow built up here a there on the trails made the ride a lot harder than usual. I ended up bailing halfway thru the the South Loop and headed back to do some of the trails north of the ravine instead.

Some of the trails on the north side were virgin -- I was the first to ride them!! Needless to say  despite being a bit exhausting, it was exhilarating. Luther is so peaceful in the winter.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Local TM

Nov 25th

I have been working on keeping the leaves off the trail (that's a non-stop job this season, yikes!). Today I met a park abutter who came out and introduced herself and said she likes the trails and wanted to thank me for them...

This tree fell down few years back (I think it was Hurricane Irene...)
Roots (dirt and stones...)

Dec 3rd - New Trail up on the hill completed

A little more challenging side loop at the top of the hill was finally finished today. The ramps took a long time to build but it will be a fun short section to ride :-) Met another local mountain biker in the park today who will be riding and enjoying the park as well  - all is well!
(Yellow Tint added to accentuate the trail)

Dec. 7th

I tweaked the new trail a bit (curves were too sharp).