Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Luther Forest, - Before My Sister's Retirement party

Luther Forest - Malta NY 

June 9th, 2013

I went upstate to go to my sister Kittie's Retirement party on Saturday over in Pattersonville and to spend more quality time thru the weekend with Mom and Dad.

On Sunday, I was scheduled to perform/play on the new digital piano we contributed to the BHBL church late morning so I got up at 6 am to catch an early bird ride.

I got there at 7:20 AM and rode the south side (main trail and loop). I then dipped down into the valley at the far end to ride the north side. I stopped to take a photo at the intersection before the first ascent and got a lovely shot of the sunlight on the undergrowth of ferns. The weather was fantastic.

Ferns in Sunlight

I then pedaled up the hill and rode around the edges of the gullies on the various trails there. i made sure to hit up the swoop down to the bigger half pipe stunt and took a shot of the big bowl before heading out to the final section.
The Bowl

For variety, I took the trail away from the gully edges and veered thru the woods instead for a bit of a change. I found it fun as well: great flow--never a long straight away--but curves and tight switchbacks made it interesting.

I remembered the new red pin-flagged trail down thru the lowlands and GPSs it. I finally realized where it ended up and shut off the GPS.

A quick circle back down over the rickety pallete bridge and up the steeper old trail, took me to the final leg the ride out past the gazeb to the parking lot. A great 2 hours for sure!

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