Sunday, January 3, 2016

Norwalk River Valley Trail

Being that that my mountain bike is in the shop - it was time to check out the Norwalk River Valley Trail on the road bike. I had a tasty omelete at Orems’s for breakfast but holy smokes!! --  that diner was crowded (lucky I got a place to park). After the eggs and coffee I headed out across Rt 7 and was glad I was wearing gloves and a cap - it was brisk out.

The trail is actually easy to ride but very nice and a lot of fun. Undulating curves and lots of hills (super gradual) made it a pleasure to ride.

I rode the Wilton section up past Sharp Hill Road to where the trail stops...
RT 7 crossing at Orem's Dinier
Nice stone bench!
End of the line (for now)
Unfortunately, on the way back, I got carried away with speed (there weren’t any other folks on the trail for a long stretch) and at an unexpected sharp curve, smashed into a tree — head first!! Ouch.  Thank God for helmets or I would have been a basket case.

I got back to the car and drove up to Merwin Park before I realized I lost my phone. Well after a bit of a panic, I drove and ride back to the crash site and I found it! Badness, madness, sadness and gladness all in a short stretch of time - Yikes.

I decided to head up to Ridgefield and calm myself by a hike on the Rail Trail.


  1. Wow Rich! Everything OK? I crashed three weeks ago and still not riding yet.

  2. Mark - Thanks for asking. Seriously, if I didn't have my helmet on I could have died - I hit the tree headfirst - fast and hard. I hurt for a couple of days and wondered... WTF!! but I am OK (shoulder just a little sore). How about you? What happened?

    1. Mark - your Road Rash Post explained it - Heal up soon! :-)