Sunday, March 13, 2016

Norwalk River Valley Trail (Part 2)

Although it was a bit overcast and gray, I drove over to Wilton to ride a second section of the Norwalk River Valley Trail  (Part 1  >). My mountain bike was in the shop so this was a road bike trek. The trail is between Merwins Park and the Wilton School Complex,

On my short ride toward the eastern parking lot along the river, I thought this tree in the water was interesting

Norwalk River Valley Trail

The trail starts north out of the parking lot in Merwins Park. It actually is quite scenic along the river - imagine it on a nice sumer day will all the trees and plant in full greenery!
Later historical research confirmed my suspicion that the dam had a mill on the east side.
Also, just north of the dam, an old foundation is visible next to the trail. As this older topo map shows, the trail was actually a road that went up to this building.
For a short section, the trail narrows and hugs the riverbank.
 Old ruins caught my eye..
Once you reach the High School, you can ride up the road to the school in the back and zoom back down on a different branch of the trail...
 Finally you can ride thru Merwins Park and even back out under the main road.
Not super exciting and awfully short, the ride was nevertheless fun - fresh air and riverside rides are always a pleasure..

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  1. Just added a couple of historical maps to provide further info on the dam area.