Sunday, July 8, 2018

North Bethlehem Quick Ride

 Saturday's weather upstate was so amazingly nice I ended up riding three parks (Luther Forest, Colonie AND Schenectady Central Park)! On Sunday, I was in the area (returning from a visit to my Mom and an extensive RR history trek in Ravena - LINK) so I  decided to check out the trails in North Bethlehem.

It's a small place but jam-packed with trails as the official map below indicates...
There is very little elevation change and trails are super smooth but... its easy to get disoriented as to where you are as there are no blazes and the extensive looping soon erases all sense of north and south!

Nevertheless it was a fun place to ride. There are no rocks and very little roots because the trails are built to be super smooth. There are extensive log up and overs thru out and quite an array of man-made stunts as well (log rides, etc. on the sides of the main trail).

I rode (I believe!) the red, yellow and part of the orange loop. It was a bit hot, without a breeze and being minus my Camelbak (which I had stupidly left in Connecticut!), I headed home after only about 45 minutes . I will need to return sometime to ride the rest of the park...

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