Saturday, April 8, 2017

Hemlock Hills Trail Building / Woodway Quietude

FCNEMBA had a trail building session today up at Hemlock Hills building RCC approved trails! There were about 20 of us and we broke into 3 work parties to build trails in 3 different spots as indicated on the map (the map will be updated and cleaned up eventually).


Work Party #1 built a nice flowy XC trail off the Red. I believe it will eventually be blazed Green.


Work party #2 did some heavy-duty rock work... This is actually the north section of the new XC (#1)
Work party #3 didn't finish their section but it will involve some tricky rock and ridge riding when completed. The last three pics are a panorama of where the trail joins up with the current trail.


Later on in the afternoon, it was so beautiful outside I just couldn't go inside yet so I stopped by Woodway Park. I sat on a rock by the river and enjoyed the "Quietude".

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