Monday, December 23, 2019

Wilton Woods - Retracing the "Hidden" White Trail

I decided to head over today to Wilton and try and find the "hidden" White trail loop. It was officially deemed "unofficial" a while back and it thought it might have disappeared. Fortunately its still there and shows off Dave F's great trail and stunt handiwork.

I hiked rather than biked as I wasn't sure if it would be too icy. Also, I wanted to try out my repaired crampons - the tightly wound steel wire worked! :-)
I remembered these stone steps!
This is the famous Deception half pipe. There are 3 ways to get across it...
Today I choose to hike across #1 in the opposite direction of the trail flow. The one-handed video I took is hilarious as my arms go flailing to keep me balanced but I didn't fall off! Hah!

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