Friday, August 19, 2016

Burlingame North

I returned on Friday morning to check out the trails in the north section. I parked in the north lot and rode the small but gnarly and hilly section just south of the road. It is hard to tell from the ride maps below but these trails are tough! Lots of sharp switchbacks, slick rock, frequent ups and downs and a huge array of rocky terrain challenges dot the woods throughout this entire section. Despite my best intentions, much to my frustration, I went around in circles and repeated a few sections. Everything is really tight thru here. I was quickly exhausted. :-(

I finally got on the trail that sweeps northeast (part 2) - it was a long gradual uphill. The bonus was on the return back - I hardly had to pedal - gravity just took over for me :-)

I rode back to the car and decided to cool out by riding north on the jeep trail out of the parking lot but there were bugs constantly swarming around my face so I made it a short excursion (part 3).
Part 1

Part 2 Elevation

A Couple of Terrain Features
This is an amazing slick rock section that curves around behind the rock
For the daring freerider only
(I walked it!)
At the end of "part 2", the trail continues on the left
As mentioned, I was tiring quickly (the hot weather didn't help), so I decided on a whim to drive north to Coventry and ride the dirt section of the rail trail there. That was great! 

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