Sunday, August 9, 2015

Endos at Trumbull - &#^&#^$ Shoes!

I hit the trails at Pequonnock Valley around 11am and it was a non-stop disaster. Yesterday I had busted my mountain shoes at Mianus--I actually couldn't get them off as the buckle mechanisms got stuck (ended up busting one just to remove it :-( ) so today I decided to ride with an old worn out pair of mountain biking shoes I kept in my car trunk.

That was a big mistake-- details below...

Scenic Stops
A special spot on the Copper Creek now has orange mushrooms to seemingly compliment the creek color!

The ride up on the Rim Trail was fun as usual - the photo sucks and sadly does not capture the ambiance of the sunlight streaming thru the trees - it was a beautiful day!

Slip Slidin' Away
It turns out the clips were worn so I had a hard time keeping the cleats in the pedals (Crank Brothers Candy) and the soles had absolutely no traction so my feet keep slipping off the pedals at all the critical bouncy fast moments when you need to stay anchored on your bike to maneuver!! NOT!!!

I took two nasty endos at normally easy spots in the Central Maze area (One endo occurred in front of other riders - major embarrassment!!!)
Crappy old worn old mountain biking shoes
(I bought a new pair later that day--these went to the garbage!)
"Mark of the Endo"
So being bruised and battered (actually more like "frustrated and embarrassed"), I opted to ride out on the pavement by the large parking lot above dog park and head home - I was pissed!

I mellowed out a bit once I got to the car and decided to make the most of being there and opted instead to ride the rail trail.  It was actually very relaxing and fun.

Rail trail ride (including Video)  >

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